Claes Sjölin
Claes Sjölin

2003- Claes Sjölin Advokatbyrå AB / Claes Sjölin AB
2000-2002 Ernst & Young, Partner, Head of Ernst & Young Law, Sweden
1995-2000 Advokatfirman Lindahl, Partner, Managing Partner 1997-1999
1985-1995 Berglund & Co, Partner
1976-1985 Friman & Carlander, Associate, Partner
1980-1987 Assistant Average Adjuster
1977 London School of Economics - Studies in English law and European Community Law
1975-1976 Instituttet for Sjoret at the Oslo University - Studies in Maritime Law
1973-1976 The District Court of Stenungsund

Member of the Swedish Bar Association 1979-2000 and 2003-2013

Associate Member of the American Bar Association 1985-2012

Expert member of the Government Commission on Due Process in Court of Appeal Proceedings 1993-1995
(SOU 1995:124)

Organizational duties for the Swedish Bar Association 1990-1997 and FAR (the Professional Institute for Authorized Public Accountants and other highly qualified professionals in the accountancy sector) 2000-2002

Specialist member of FAR 2000-2002

Law Office Management education with Grant Thornton Group, London, and Lots AB

Author of about 90 articles in law journals

Scholarship award from the Foundation The State and the Law at the Stockholm University for articles on the influence of Article 6 of the European Convention on Human Rights on Competition Law and Tax Law Proceedings


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Claes Sjölin AB, Hälleflundregatan 50, SE-426 58 Västra Frölunda

Phone: +46(0)708-80 34 35






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